My Learning Insights: Smart Learning Analytics Services for Corporate L&D

Overview for Managers

This overview provides managers with the key insights to understand and track the development of their team(s). Is everybody compliant with mandatory training requirements? Are people developing the right skills? Are programs making a (perceived) impact?

9 Key metrics are presented together with filters on location, organization, employee type and subjects to provide many different angles.

Overview for L&D

As a learning professional you get access to the manager view, but also benefit from additional insights tailored at the needs of an L&D professional.

These additional isnights will help you to understand your audience (who, how many are using your solutions and in what topics are they interested) and portfolio or catalogue (is it the right quality? The right delivery mix? Are we investing in the right topics). You can also filter on training provider to get indept insights on how each of them is performing.

Skills Overview

Skills are on top of mind for each organization due to the huge challenge to upskill and reskill our people in preparation of the future of work. That is why MLI includes a dedicated page just to see how skills are being developed through learning.

This view allows you to track activity per skill and per proficiency level to see if the focus is at the right skill and level. We cannot all be data science experts, but we also should not just focus on building just an awareness level understanding of this key skill