My Learning Insights: Smart Learning Analytics Services for Corporate L&D



Learning Analytics made easy

Learning analytics is a key priority for learning and development organizations. It is also one the most challenging: Bringing data together, put it in a scaleable model and use that to create visualizations and insights that are meaningfull, insightful and actionable.

Many L&D organizations spend valuable time, effort, energy and investment into creating their own learning dashboards and analytics solutions. MyLearningInsights allows you to skip all of that and have almost instant insights in your learning data. We use the best technology available from Microsoft and Alteryx that fit with any learning solution. So no custom developed solution, no limitations in number of sources, no limitations in number of data records. If your company already has Power BI (and ideally Alteryx!) we happily enable you to deploy the dashboard within your instance of Power BI

But most importantly, we take away the need for L&D teams to spend valuable time, effort and money on designing, building and implementing their own solution.

All we require is your (anomomized) data, your open mind and your willingness to join an amazing journey in learning data and analytics....

In Short:

■ Instant insights in your learning activities
■ Fully outsourced service
■ Easy to integrate
■ Quarterly new features
■ Refocus your time

Fast Deployment and Future Proof

Creating a robust, reliable and meaningful learning insights solution takes a lot of effort and requires very specific skills. "My Learning Insights" allows you to turn your learning data into meaningful inisghts within a matter of days or weeks rather than months or even years!

The datamodel that is the foundation of "My Learning Insights" is compatible with any learning system or learning exosystem and can be deployed fast, even when there is limited data available. You can start small and expand over time by adding financial data, evaluation data, impact data and even business data.

If your LMS is Cornerstone on Demand, your deployment will be even faster as we're using a lot of concepts and structures that are based on this world leading learning management system.

Beyond data: Key Insights

My Learning Insights is based on years of learning analytics work at leading international organizations. This allowed us to focus "My Learning Insights" on presenting key metrics on impact, compliance, consumption, portfolio and quality. "My Learning Insights" will keep expanding and improving as more data becomes available and additional metrics deployed.

In addition to providing metrics, "My Learning Insights" also presents you key insights on trends, observations (are things moving in the right direction?), benchmarks (how is my division doing against the company average?) and will allow you to record targets against which to measure.

As you do not need to spend valuable time and effort to create a dashboard yourself, your team can focus on using the data and insights to support decision making, have meaningful conversations with your business stakeholders and deliver through impact!

Safe, Secure and Flexible

My Learning Insights uses state of the art and proven technology like MS Azure, Power BI and Alteryx to collect, clean, structure and visualize your learning data, creating a very safe, secure, yet flexible solution. Some examples.

You can provide access to a multitude of people, including role based access so each user can only see the data that they are allowed to see

If your company already has Power BI, you can purchase the dashboard for use in your own power BI version. If required, we can clean and structure your data as well to send to your datalake.

My Learning Insights can also be opened up for all the managers in your organization. This will allow them to monitor the development of their teams in a high level of detail and really take control and ownership!

What you can expect...

Standard including a set of key insights based on your data and learning strategy illustrating the big stories that your data is telling you centered around (1) a view for managers and leader, (2) a view for L&D professionals and (3) a skills view (when data is available!)

Use of best practice visualizations and charts based on International Business Communication Standards ( that allow you to track progress against targets, previous month and benchmarks!

Standard monthly refresh of the data (weekly is optional) and quarterly releases of new features

Standard available on mobile power BI app and integration with MS Teams

All data anonomized and respecting data privacy regulations, including GDPR

Many filters allow you to drill down to investigate specific trends or observations, including location, business hierarchy, functions, learning type etc.

A business leader view with employee trends, most popular topics, spend on learning, compliance trends to enable business leaders to take full control of learning and development in their part of the organization

A learning & development view including portfolio overview utilization, vendor evaluation scores, investment tracking, data quality allowing L&D to take full control on managing the L&D investments and catalogue of solutions

A skills view showing consumption of learning by skill and proficiency level to understand what skills people are developing

We can handle multiple data sources , so no more limitations of only being able to see reporting and analytics from a single source. Even excel based data is a possibility

We can do real big data . Millions of training records? No problem...our robust and scaleable technology is the best the market has to offer and can even handle terabytes of data

And much more....


A sneak peak of My Learning Insights