My Learning Insights: Smart Learning Analytics Services for Corporate L&D

How it works

Step 1

Data Access and Extraction

We provide you with detailed specifications of the data we require to populate the dashboard. We can work with limited data, but the more data you have the more insights you will get from the dashboard.

"My Learning Insights" is not limited to a single source: it can handle as many sources as you have. If you have the capability to extract the data yourself: great! You can share the data through secured transfer or a direct feed into our datalake. If not, we can help you with the extraction via direct access to your technology or working together virtually.

If you are using Cornerstone on Demand, extracting the data could be as simple as creating a few custom reports!

Step 2

Data and Strategy Intake

Once we have collected your data, we evaluate it against quality, consistency and useability. If your data is in good shape, we put it through our workflow and datamodel to generate a first 'impression' of your learning data. By looking at your company and learning strategy, we can already start to explore the data and look for useful insights.

Our experience has tought us that most of the time you will not immediately get all the insights you want or need. Because the quality or structure of the data is not good enough, or because the data is simply not captured anywhere. If that is the case, we can help you to improve the data by co-creating a data strategy.

Step 3

Start using Learning Insights

Once your data is evaluated and understood, we will process it to be cleaned and structured so it can be read by our advanced MS Power BI Dashboard.

In addition to the advanced data visualizations, your dashboard will include unique and tailored insights based on your data. This will give you a flying start on using insights to support decision making and have meaningful conversations.

You'll receive logins for all the people who will need to use insights so they can access the dashboard anywhere, anytime and on any device (including mobile). You will also be able to embed "My Learning Insights" with your teams site(s) if your network allows it.

Step 4

Start driving learning impact

Once you have acces, you will also find a wealth of instructions and training that help you not only to best use the dashboard, but also develop your learning analytics skills. We'll also make sure the data is refreshed every month (or more frequent upon request).

We'll continue to help you to use the data and insights to drive real business impact with learning. For example when you want to include additional data sources, advice on how to streamline learning, evaluation and business impact measurements, or help your learning professionals to develop their skills on data intrepretation, data storytelling and data driven learning design